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12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway Returns With A Twist!

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

When I was first getting started on the Internet, Mark Hendricks was doing the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and I remember being overwhelmed by all the amazing gifts that I received.

So the next year, I decided to be a contributor, giving some free gifts on ebook writing and marketing, and I was even more stunned when I got over 1600 people on my list (which at that point was about 200) and was able to make $13,000 on my first funnel of products in a 6 week period.

The next year it got even better when I got over 3,000 new subscriber and more amazing great gifts. But the last couple of years I hadn’t seen it. So,  I contacted Mark to find out what the story was. And he said he wasn’t doing it any more.

But then something happened that changed his mind. He got a phone call from Joseph Romero.  Joseph runs Chains Off Ministries and they help a lot of people who desperately need it right now. And that gave Mark an idea.

He’d run the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway again but this time with a twist.  If you want all the gifts, they are still free but you can consider giving a donation of just $7 and  if you decide to become a contributor you can pay $50 or $100. Either way, it’s going to charity, and everybody wins!

To get these amazing gifts go to:

To become a contributor go to:

Spread the word and the good cheer! Happy Holidays!

Ellen Violette
Internet Strategist and eBook Coach