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Publishing An eBook: Getting ready to sell online. (Part 1)

Monday, August 15th, 2011

If you’re a creative person trying to get your message out and spooked by technology, the process of getting your ebook, book, or product online can be daunting. In fact, in my 3-Days To eBook Cash Workshop, I have seen people write an ebook in 3 days or less only to spend months trying to get it up online. So, I’ve created a checklist to speed up the process and keep you on track.

The first phase deals with the actual ebook. The next section deals with getting set up with the varous companies and software you will need, the next with copy you will need at the various entry points and the last section will deal with the mechanics of getting your ebook online.

Here are the seven steps to the first phase in the process:

Number 1. Create your ebook cover (If you want us to do it for you, send an email to with the title and any ideas you have for it. Also include your name, email, phone number and time zone, plus the best time to reach you. We can also format your ebook for you. (For formatting also include the Word document or a PDF of the manuscript). I also recommend going to: Or, trying if you really need to save money.

Number 2. Add your ebook cover to your ebook or book

Number 3: Format your ebook. If you want to use an ebook-formatting program go to:

Number 4. PDF it. I recommend There are plenty of free ones like but I found them difficult to use and prefer Docudesk.

Number 5. Create a sample to give away from 1-3 chapters depending on the number of pages in each chapter

Number 6: Decide if you are going to use ebook protection and if so which one
I recommend You can also pick up a free report of mine at www.ebooktheftprotection (Opt in and then check your email to access it.)

Number 7: Apply your theft protection to your manuscript if you are using one

To get the entire free checklist go to

Ellen Violette, a.k.a. The eBook Coach is also an Internet Strategist and author in her own right. She helps people create and communicate their message to create a 6-figure income using an ebook-centered strategy. She’s the creator of eBooks For Sale in 4 Days Or Less, The 3-Days To eBook Cash Workshop, eBook Profit Marketing Secrets, eBook Empire Builders, The Accelerated Wealth Blueprint and more. Her company also fromats and publishes ebooks for authors.