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eBook Writing: The 4 Pillars To Finding Your “Profitable Core”

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

(How To Insure That Your  eBook Will Be A Cash Machine For Your Business!)

Too many ebook authors jump in and start writing about whatever excites them without considering whether it will actually make money for them.  This is not the way to approach ebook writing if you want to be successful.  The best way to move forward is to figure out what I call your “Profitable Core” first.

There are four pillars of a “Profitable Core” passion, skills, finding the right target market, and knowing your unique selling position.To get started,  you want to look at what you are passionate about and what skills you have because you need passion to get and stay motivated, and you need to be really good at what you do or you won’t be able to sustain a business doing it.

If you make a list of all your passions and all your skills, you’ll see that there are topics you are passionate about that you aren’t necessarily skilled at and others where you are very skilled.

You want to consider the ones where your passion and skills overlap.  And you want to consider which ones will be the easiest for you to succeed at-that’s the lowest hanging fruit.  Then you are ready to move on to the next criteria.Once you have 3 or 4 possibilities based on your passion and skill, you want to find a target market that has a problem you can solve for them.

And, you want a market that is online, easy to find, that you understand, and that has money to spend and is willing to spend it generously on your topic of expertise.

Then once you find it, you want to look at who is already in that market and what they are already offering because you DON’T want to offer the exact same thing of you won’t stand out from the crowd and no one will see any reason to come to you over anyone else in your area of expertise.Then you want to create your message based on these 4 pillars.

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The 3 Keys To A Successful Online Event!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The fastest way to build a targeted list and get paid for doing it is by putting on a virtual event like a Summit or Expo. These events are great when they work but they can be a nightmare if not done properly. 

I know because I put on a very successful event called Virtual eBook Expo and w’ere getting ready for our third one!  And in doing this event, I’ve discovered there are  3 major keys you MUST have for your event to succeed.

1. You MUST find joint-venture partners who have lists that are interested in what you have to offer.  It doesn’t matter how many lists you get access to, you won’t make sales if they are not lists that are targeting the same market that you want to reach. 

2. You MUST make  sure that at least some of the targeted lists you get access to are big enough ones to warrent putting all the time and energy that it takes to put on this type of  event.  Sales is a numbers game. The more eyeballs that see your offer (that are interested in what you have to offer) the more sales you will make.

So, you have to weigh the number of hours it is going to take to put on the event vs. how many people you will reach. It takes the same amount of effort whether you have big lists or small lists so you want to target as many big lists as you can.

3. You MUST have a solid team in place so that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.  If you don’t have a solid team that knows what to do and has your back,  you can run into major problems that can torpedo your success.

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Internet Marketing: It’s The Experience, Stupid!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The other night,  I watched the rerun of Celebrity Apprentice for this week where the men and the women made commercials for a video-phone system.

Both commercials were so good that the percentage between the winner and loser was very small. But the difference between the two presentations were night and day!

Lil John, who was project manager for the men’s team, warmed up the crowd, and got them excited and pumped up before the men’s commercial aired-he turned it into an event! And he left the crowd roaring when it was over; he was a real showman.

NeNe Leakes team on the other hand, just presented their commercial in a matter-of-fact straightforward way hoping the commercial would speak for itself.

And I believe the presentation made all the difference.

Now to be fair, the men’s team thought outside the box and presented a humorous commercial about a young man wanting his parents to meet his fiancé who turned out to be the gorgeous and hunky Jose Canseco playing the gay lover; they took a huge risk.

But truth be told, the executives said they wanted emotion and the women’s team stuck with that-using a young girl away at school in Paris talking with her parents (one of whom happened to be deaf). It was definitely warm, fuzzy, and Marley Maitlin, playing the deaf mother, made it very poignant.

So while the experience of each commercial was excellent, the experience of presenting the commercial was only excellent for the men and that made the difference.

So always think about the experience you are giving your customers not just in your products but in the way you bring them along to get to the sale and after the sale as well and you’ll make a lot more sales and bigger profits!

Ellen Violette is a successful author and CEO of Create A Splash, LLC, a full-service ebook coaching, conversion and online-marketing company.

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How To Write An eBook In 7 Easy Steps-Step 1

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Before I share the first step of 7 that I will be revealing on my blog, I want to share a true story with you. I was surfing last night looking for threads I could respond to, and I came across an article on 7 steps to successful ebook marketing. And it said: “find a niche; write an ebook”-those were  steps one and two.


I know because that’s what I did that when I wrote my first ebook and in two years I made exactly ZERO Dollars! I eventually sold a few, but let’s face it, it was a disaster!  So I speak from experience.

The truth is there is so much bad information out there and it frustrates me. And that is why I’m talking about how to write an ebool the RIGHT WAY all the time!

So let’s be clear, there are a lot more steps before you can even START writing your ebook that you have to be aware of or you are going to fail.

So step one (drum roll please) ….is  find your motivation.  What is your purpose? – Why are you doing this? Motivation is absolutely essential. Because if you can’t get motivated,  nothing is going to happen.

There are two types of motivation in my opinion,  I call them internal and external. Internal is what you want for yourself and external is what you want for others. Either way, you have to know why you’re writing an ebook.

I believe that you really have to know why it’s important for you to write this ebook because you have to want it bad enough to succeed. There are just times when it’s going to be hard, lonely and confusing – especially if you try to do it on your own. And, if you don’t know exactly why you’re doing it, it’s real easy to give up.

People generally find motivation out of inspiration or desperation. For me it was desperation, I had to sink or swim.I had nothing to fall back on and I was out of options. I’d been in the music business for 20 years, got a Grammy nomination but I was struggling. Then I made a lot of money in real estate but the market dried up.

I had no real skills so no one would give me a job and they would never pay me the kind of money I’d been making and needed to support my family. Plus, being a creative type, I just wasn’t good at working for others.

Now people have different reasons for wanting to write an ebook. And you really have to know what your big motivator is that will keep you going. Some people just have something they really want to say, other people really want to make money, or people want to see their name in print. Different things motivate different people.

One great way to find motivation is if you see a need out there something that you’ve struggle with or that you’ve seen somebody struggle with, that you’ve or they have overcome.  In other words if you’re having a problem that needs a solution and you can figure one out and then help other people with a lot of times that’s enough to fuel real passion for people. Whatever it is for you, you have to find it and it has to be strong enough to make you stick with it.

Another way is just to make a list of all the reasons why you should write your ebook, make sure they are compelling, and keep it where you can see it and refer to it. Also, you can partner up with someone to keep you accountable- that will help you stay motivated.

What I often suggest people do , is figure out what motivates you, then  take little post-it notes and put them at your desk and on your bathroom mirror – wherever you’re going to see them on a daily basis to remind you why you are doing this.

Now sometimes people just can’t get motivated -it’s like they’re standing in a dark room and they want the light to go on and they’re waiting for it to happen, praying it will happen. But they aren’t taking any action. You have to walk over to the light and turn it on for something to change. And, something has to motivate you to do that whether it’s curiosity, being tired or standing in the dark or whatever.

So you have to be motivated and take the proper action.

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Ellen Violette is a successful author and the CEO of Create A Splash, LLC a full-service ebook conversion, coaching and online marketing company.  Ellen teaches people how to write their way to wealth.

If you’d like to learn more  go to You’ll receive a free pdf 9 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid For Outrageous eBook Profits”, ”9 free secret ebook tips to making money online”, and a complimentary subscription of “The eBook Profit Secrets Newsletter”  go to