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Armand Morin Releases New Video For Recurring Income!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Armand Morin’s has just released a free video from one of his most recent seminars where he shares7 membership models and his  latest strategies and techniques for making lots of money with Google Adwords  with very little work!

It’s only going to be online until Sunday night (I think he may sell it after that and it would be well worth it. But why not get it now while it’s free?).

Armand is a master at showing you how to do anything you want to do online to make money without doing a lot of work! He’ll show you how to make money with a newsletter without even writing it! Just highlight, copy and paste!

Or using Audio postcards-answer questions-just turn on the microphone (he recommends samson) and start talking! And he’s got 5 more models he shares on this info-packed video!

And that’s just the part on memberships!

To hear the rest go to:

P.S  I’ve heard that the video will be taken down at 11:59pm EST on Sunday evening so you should make sure you watch it before then.

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First Step To Making Money Online: Pursuing A Single Idea

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

When a potential student comes to me seeking advice because his or her business isn’t working, the first two questions I ask are: “What business are you in?”  And, “What are you selling?”

And while they usually know what business they are in and what they are selling, the problem is that what they are selling is usually all over the map.  So instead of having a single focus,  they might have two, three or four!

And when that happens, they aren’t focusing their marketing efforts to make a single idea fly. Instead, they are bouncing around  like a ping pong ball from one business to another diluting their efforts or running around feeling crazed not getting anything done at all because they are totally overwhelmed  (which is totally understandable)! Sound familiar?

So here’s an example:  they might be affiliated with a trust company that they are promoting, plus having a mortgage business, and a realty business.  And so while they are all related, it’s not clear to them where they should put their energy.

So it’s important to pick one idea and focus your attention on it  (assuming that you’ve done the research and you know you have the passion for it, the skills to pull it off, and a target market who can’t wait to buy what you are offering)  And deciding what to focus on first can often be determined by finding out which product or service you offer that your target market is MOST interested in!

This is step 1 in my 10-step process to start making SERIOUS money online. To learn the other 9 steps come to my free birthday bash teleseminar Thursday, May 21st 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern

Plus I’ll have great free gifts just for coming! My birthday gift to you! To register go to?

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Free Teleseminar: 10 Steps To Serious Online Money!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I decided to give this free teleseminar (this Thursday, May 21st) after speaking with a new student who asked me how I knew what to do to start making money right away when I got online.  The truth is I didn’t start making serious money right away, but I figured I could make some money doing what I was already good at which was copywriting.  And I had some clients but I wouldn’t call it serious…  that is until I tried to write my first ebook. 

That’s when I realized that I could teach people how to write ebooks with a better system than anything that was out there.-so  I developed my Quick-Start 3-Day eBook Authoring System and became The eBook Coach.  And from that time on I started making what most people would consider serious money-it wasn’t millions but I made a 6-figure income in  less than 3 year.  And some of my students are now doing it in  even less time.

But the point is that I didn’t really know what I was doing but I managed to do a lot of things right.  When  I’ve been asked how I did it in the past,  I used to say that I was “intuitively lucky”. But I starting thinking about it after talking with this student who I could tell from the sound of her voice was quite frustrated with her lack of progress (even though she was blogging, social networking, offering free strategy calls and had a decent website).

 I realized that there were 10 steps I took  that were the cornerstones to my success that most people overlook.  So I want to share them with you, so you don’t waste your time
with trial and error, feeling frustrated and stressed out when you could be making SERIOUS money online NOW!

I know there is a lot of hype on the Internet, but the truth is I  NEVER made this kind of money doing anything else. And I’m NOT saying you are going to get rich quick. But what I am saying is you don’t have to spend time doing things that don’t work when you could be doing things I promise DO work!

And since it’s my birthday bash, I’m going to be giving some cool gifts away too for coming on the call! So join me Thursday, May 21st, 2 p.m. Pacific/ 5 p.m. Eastern

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What Conan O’Brien’s Success Can Teach Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Internet Marketers

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Conan O’Brien is moving from late night to the coveted spot on the Tonight Show.  While he seems like an unlikely successor on the surface,  O’Brien understands what makes him successful.  And if you listen to what he says about himself, you’ll see why he’s sitting in the catbird seat of success and how you can, too!

While he admits to being a hard worker, he also says he possesses “certain qualities” that helped him along the way. First, he says he was realistic about his skills, assets and personality traits.   He knew he could perform, but he didn’t have great looks. So he scratched  leading man off his list. And he knew that he wasn’t good at doing characters to try and be funny.

Instead he knew that he  could say funny things in the moment just being himself. He likes to write and as he says, “think of weird things.”  Plus, he likes being in front of an audience. It turned out there was a target market who wanted to hear exactly his kind of humor. So he ended up with  a great job where he  could take this set of skills, have a blast, and do really well as a late night talk show host!

What’s amazing about  Conan’s assessment of himself is how he was able to pinpoint exactly what his strengths were, couple them with what he liked to do, and then find the  perfect niche for himself.

You can do exactly the same thing online. In fact, this is THE critical first step for long-term success. Figure out what you’re passionate about, what skills you have, and what target market is out there that wants what you have to offer.

Then write an ebook on the topic and use your ebook to launch your business or build an ebook empire; either way it WILL change your life!

I know because I have helped thousands of people around the globe and they tell me that writing their ebook changed their life.  It changed mine – I never made a 6-figure income in my life until I got online.

So if you are serious and you need help go to:
and check out my Quick-Start 3-Day eBook Authoring Program Special happening this week!

If you need help finding your passion, your skill set and/or your target market, you will get it in this program. Or you can listen to a  free call on Finding Your Passion, Your Skill Set and Your Target Market for Outrageous eBook Profits! Then sign up for the program and in just 72 hours you could be my next successful author and on your way to living your dream!

Build eBook Empire With Celebrity-Apprentice Winning Strategy

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Did you see the finale of Celebrity Apprentice last night?  There was an interesting lesson in it that anyone can use to create a successful ebook/information-product empire!

The final two left standing were legendary comedianne, Joan Rivers, and poker great Annie Duke.  There were 5 criteria that they were be judged on to decide who the winner would be.  Joan KNEW that Annie would outraise her in the money department so she decided to focus on the OTHER criteria and ended up winning 3 out of the 5 categories becoming Celebrity Apprentice of the season.

When it comes to writing an ebook, or creating an Internet business with ebooks and information products the lesson is the same: don’t try to go head to head with someone who is already successful in one area of your niche! In other words, play to your strengths, and make your own path to success.

Find another angle, another target market, a new delivery system, something that you can do better, easier, or faster than the experts who are already out there! Create your own success by learning what you are passionate about, what skills that you can leverage, and who the perfect target market would be for you. When you get these all working together for you you’ll be a winner too and people will flock to your products and services!

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3 Critical Steps to eBook Profits

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

In the past decade, book sales have been sagging while ebook sales have been soaring. So who wouldn’t want to get in on this hot trend?

And if you’ve got an information business, ebooks are a “MUST-HAVE” product! They are inexpensive to produce and they give you instant credibility, visibility and expert status, and they allow people to buy from you without a large investment.

The only problem is that some people don’t have a clue how to get started, while others just jump in without laying the ground work, get frustrated when it doesn’t work out, and give up.

That’s why I’m giving this  one-time-only teleclass  for free called “How To Find Your Passion, Your Skill Set, And Your Target Market For An Outrageously Profitable  eBook!” and it’s tomorrow (Thursday, May 7th) at 2 p.m. Pacific/ 5 p.m. Eastern.

I believe there are 3 critical steps to getting started writing a profitable ebook and most people either ignore them completely or don’t do them properly. It’s not rocket science, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a frustrating experience at best or at worst,  a complete waste of time.

So if you’d like to learn how to write outrageously profitable ebooks  now, please join me, Ellen Violette, The eBook Coach, on this one-time-only free call by registering now at:

Be sure to leave your comment on why you want to write an ebook and what’s stopping you. I really want to know. Thanks!

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