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Bad Title, Wrong Title: eBook Marketing Mistake #3

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

eBook authors sometimes don’t pick a great title or the right title for their ebook; one that reflects the topic they are writing about.

A great title has to “hook” the reader. It has to give them something they really want, sound like a good read, AND it has to tell them what the benefit is going to be to them if they read it.

A bad title, on the other hand, is one that is dull and uninspiring. And it will simply get passed over.  If the potential buyer doesn’t get excited by the title or doesn’t connect with it, he or she is going to move on to something else, period!

Example of a Great Title
It’s a book by Tim Ferris called The 4-Hour Work Week.  Tim originally wanted to call this book The Vagabond Millionaire. But the word “Vagabond” has the connotation of being aimless, destitute or down-and-out. Nobody wants that!

It didn’t fire up the imagination or excite potential buyers. Luckily he tested his titles and came up with The 4-Hour Work Week.

Which would you want….. The Vagabond Millionaire, or The 4-Hour Work Week?

Now the truth is that this book is about how to outsource and put your business on automatic so you don’t have to work too much.

But if he had called it Outsourcing: Where to find the best companies and how to use them, I doubt it would have done half as well as it has as The 4-Hour Work Week ( A New York Times Best-seller).

Second Example:  Great Title vs. Not so Great Title
I’ve heard my friend and colleague Roger Parker talk about two books, one that he wrote and one that was written by a colleague. He swears the other book was a better book.

But his outshined it by a mile. Roger’s book was called  Looking Good in Print: A Guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing. The other book was called Graphic Design for the Electronic Age.  He credits his title for making the difference.

Spend Time On Your Titles To Get A Great One!
So you can see the power of a good title; titles are extremely important.  In fact at the Virtual eBook Expo 2 ( coming soon!) my guest, Perry Marshall, suggested that if people spent 1/3 of their time coming up with a great title (instead of 10 minutes!) and two thirds of their time on their ebook, they’d have much more success with their ebooks-and I have to agree!

So the first problem is coming up with a title that isn’t exciting or sexy and doesn’t connect with
your potential buyers so they will want to purchase your ebook (book and ebook are interchangeable for this discussion).

Second Problem I See: Title and Text Don’t Match
The second problem I see with titles is ebook authors coming up with a sexy or exciting title, but it has little or nothing to do with the subject of their ebook or it represents the wrong perspective.


When your ebook is about how to find balance in life as a successful career woman who also wants a family, you don’t want a title like:

Minding Her Own Business: An Insider’s Guide to Some of Australia’s Most Successful Small Businesses and the Women Behind Them This is a great title for a business book, but it’s the wrong title for what we’re trying to achieve here because it’s NOT about finding balance!

A better title for our example would be “The Type E* Woman: How to Overcome the Stress of Being Everything to Everybody.” This appeals to the woman who can’t find balance in her life because she’s trying to be all things to all people. So if she can overcome this need, then she
can find balance in every area of her life, business, and family!

It’s catchy and clever and nails the problem many women have to overcome to find balance in
their lives.

Title From The Wrong Perspective
In the case of someone approaching a title from the wrong perspective, what I mean is if they have a title where they are trying to reach women, like in the case of a title like: “Women Who Love Too Much” (I would add a subtitle: And How They Can Stop), but then they write it from a male perspective of how men should deal with women who love them too much. You’ve got to figure out who you are trying to reach and then come up with a title that speaks to them or you won’t sell any ebooks!

So if you want to sell a lot of ebooks, find the right title for your ebook, one that catches your readers’ attentions and makes them want to read it and reflects what your ebook is actually about.  You could have a best-seller on your hands and a lot more cash in your pockets!

If you are enjoying the series or have something you’d like to share, please leave your comments!

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Why Twitter Rocks!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

I was watching t.v. this morning while eating breakfast and Claire McCaskill was being interviewed. She was asked her reaction to being #2 on a list of the 10 most influential twitterers in Washington. She laughed and said that she loves twitter because it allows her to communicate directly with the people of her state without having to go through the media.

When she said this it really hit a nerve! Because it’s true! And it gives you more power to communicate with those you are trying to reach.

That’s what makes it a great business tool as well: Twitter allows you to communicate with your subscribers without having to go through email and risk spam filters.  And it’s more immediate. Plus you can reach people on their cell phones too!

So if you aren’t using Twitter, run over there and open an account and start networking now!  To get started you can connect with me at:

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3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

1.  Thinking you have to have a lot of people on your list before you start an affiliate program. You never know when you are going to get a really great affiliate who makes you wads of cash! It may be the first person on your list or the twentieth or the 1,000th. You just never know. So if you don’t start your affiliate program right away, you just might miss hooking up with an incredible affiliate and leave a lot of money on the table!

I think there are two main reasons people don’t get started right away.

  • One is they don’t want to spend money on setting up an affiliate program before they are making money. But the problem with this thinking is that when you have affiliates, you can make a lot more money than without them. So if it costs you $49 a month for an affiliate program and you have a $97 product (which could easily be a notebook and a cd) and you make $48.50 per sale; you get your money back with just one sale per month! And double your profits with 2! And even if you don’t make a single sale right away, it’s a small price to pay to be able to start getting affiliates.

    (And remember if you started a brick and mortar business it would cost you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to start your business and every active potential affiliate you lose could cost you thousands in lost revenue over time!)

  • The second reason people don’t start an affiliate program right away is they think they aren’t ready. But if you are online, have something to sell, and have an ecommerce solution (shopping cart, affiliate program, and autoresponders) you are ready! If you aren’t ready, I suggest getting your ecommerce set up TODAY and get ready. I use and I’ve used it from day 1! And whether you use this program or something else, don’t wait; get started now so you can exponentially grow your business with affiliates!

2. Waiting until you have all of your affiliate tools in place. If you have a live workshop, all you need is a merchant account and an ecommerce package which you can get all in one at: as I mentioned, or you can just get the affiliate program at and get the autoresponders at: in which case you will also need a shopping cart (an inexpensive way to get started is, and a couple of emails for your affiliates to send out.

(This assumes you already have a website. If not, you can start one at for free in 5 minutes or hire a webperson to create one on which is free.)

If you start with a digital product you will need emails and ezine ads at a minimum. Banners, videos, podcasts, and any other materials can be added with time. However, the more you have, the better to attract superstar affiliates. (I would also suggest using articles, blog posts, and press releases)

3.  Not becoming an affiliate of programs you believe in that will benefit your potential buyers and put cash in your pockets! One of the things I often hear my subscribers say is they can’t hire a VA because they don’t have the money, or they can’t get an ebook cover because it’s too expensive (and do I know of one that is cheap).

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to help cover the expenses of getting your business off the ground! And it can be as easy as sharing with colleagues and friends a great experience you had either from using the product yourself or with the person who is selling the product or service. Or just getting the affiliate materials provided by the seller and putting them on your blog or other sites at NO COST to you. So it’s pure profit!

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Don’t Shoot In The Dark: eBook Marketing Mistake #2

Friday, February 13th, 2009

I hope you’re enjoying this series on the 9 top ebook mistakes people make.

But before I go into today’s mistake, I want to share something with you…

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times showed that every sector of the economy was losing jobs, except two.  One of those was education, which increased by over 600%- that includes coaching and online education jobs.

So there has never been a better time to get serious about your ebook/Internet business, because nothing will pay off better than starting your own education business right now!


The second ebook mistake I see people make is they don’t do the research to find out what to write their ebooks on, or they do the research and they don’t listen to the results! People don’t do the research for 4 reasons:

  1. They don’t know how to do it.
  2. Fear of the unknown and having to do something new stops them from moving forward.
  3. They are lazy and don’t want to do it.
  4. They get excited about an idea and it “feels” right, so they stop there.

When you don’t do the research, you don’t know what people are looking for. And when you don’t know what people are looking for, you can’t write ebooks that solve the problems they are looking to solve, so it becomes a crap shoot picking a topic for an ebook that will be profitable.

You MUST do the research before you settle on a topic for your ebook to insure your success!

Doing the research means looking at what keywords people are clicking on, what trends are hot, surveying your list to find out what they want to learn (if you have one), and looking at your competition to see what’s out there and what’s missing so you can fill in the gap!

The second part of this mistake is that sometimes people start with a preconceived idea of what they want to write about and when the research tells them it’s not a good idea (because not enough people are looking for that topic), they tell me that they intuitively “know” people ARE looking for it.

It’s just not showing up in the data.  The problem is they are married to their idea and they refuse to budge. Then time after time, they come back to me six months or a year later and say I was right and how they are looking for a new topic now.

In the meantime, they’ve lost a year of time, energy, and motivation, not to mention all the money that they left on the table by not getting started on a profitable project!

So do the research FIRST! Then write your ebook. You’ll be much happier with the results and make a lot more money!

Take action now!

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Top 9 eBook Marketing Mistake Series-Mistake #1

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I’m doing a series on The 9 Marketing Mistakes People Make With eBooks And How To Avoid Them.

The first marketing mistake I see people make: not finding what makes you unique so you can become THE Expert in your field. The first marketing mistake people make is they don’t know what their “unique selling position” is. (A unique selling position is what makes you special, better, different from everyone else in the market place).

When you don’t know what your unique selling position is, you aren’t really clear about who you are selling to, what exactly you are selling, and what you have to offer.  This makes it impossible to build a successful business and impossible to know what ebooks to write!

You must know what makes you unique that is going to get people to pick your business-your products and services- over everybody else’s in your field. Until you know what your unique selling position is, you won’t know which products and services to offer. And you won’t know how to create marketing materials that are in alignment with your unique selling position that will propel you to success!

But when you figure out who and what are already available and figure out how you can do something a little different, you can dominate a niche and be very successful.

Here’s an example: Domino’s Pizza.

There were plenty of pizza places before Domino’s came along-and some that delivered. The problem was that by the time the pizza arrived, it was cold!  So Domino’s came up with a way to keep pizza hot and it tasted really good, too! Plus they gave an irresistible guarantee. If they didn’t get to your door in 30 minutes or less, the pizza was free. And they delivered on their promise!  So they became THE pizza place and dominated the market.

You can do the same thing by following these steps:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Come up with a better solution
  3. Create your product(s)/service(s)
  4. Make good on your promise
  5. Make an irresistible guarantee

So take action now!

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eBook Lesson From Dr. Phil

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I was reading in letters to the editor of the L.A. Times today and read that  Dr. Phil’s numbers are down. And it’s because he ”went tabloid” according to a former audience member.  This person gave Dr. Phil some very important feedback that could be the difference between whether he stays on air or not!

So how can we apply this to profitable ebook writing? Just like Dr. Phil, authors need to keep in touch with their audience so they can deliver what their audience wants to read or they will lose them and could go out of business.

The lesson here is to make sure you are always delivering what your audience wants. And, that you stick to what’s working. Plus if you do change, you want to make sure you are doing it in the direction that your audience wants you to take.

Unfortunately what most ebook writers do, is get excited about an idea and just write about it. They are not in touch with what their audience wants. They don’t ask. They just assume that if they are interested in a topic others will be too. Or their mom or spouse liked their idea , so they think that’s good enough. But that’s not always the case and if not, it’s not going to sell.

So if you have a niche, for instance, English Gardens and all of the sudden you get excited about Cactus and want to do an ebook on creating gardens of cactus, you have to find out if your readers are interested in Cactus Gardens.  You might be surprised.  It may turn out that your list wants to learn about outdoor furniture that you’d put in an English Garden, but not cactus. You just don’t know until you do the research.

And to ignore your audience is  foolish; it could waste your time, or worse, it could put you out of business because you could spend a lot of time writing something nobody wants to buy!  Plus, you would know right away if it’s going to be successful if you did the research FIRST. So it just doesn’t make sense not to!

Recap: Make it a habit of staying in touch with your audience, and write about what they want to know.

You’ll make a lot more money, have a lot less stress, and you’ll have a lot of happy buyers who will continue to buy from you in the years to come so you won’t have to worry about the bottom line!

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