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eBook/Internet Lessons From Black Friday

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

I’ve never gotten up at the crack of dawn and participated in Black Friday but this time it was different, I really wanted a shredder and didn’t want to spend a lot for it and we needed a new computer. So yesterday my husband Christen and I ventured out at 5 a.m. on a mission.


Based on our research (reading the newspaper and checking out the sales) we had made a decision. We were going to buy a shredder for just $20 at Staples and a new laptop.  Ours had been on the fritz off and on for months but it finally died. We were determined and focused as we walked out our  front door yesterday morning.


We knew buying a computer would be a bit more difficult than buying the shredder; there so many choices and it was a much bigger investment! And we needed to figure out exactly what our requirements were.


Unfortunately, we made the decision to buy on Thanksgiving Day and we couldn’t get any information to help us make an informed decision before the big day. But I did get on line and realized that if I didn’t get it on Black Friday it might take a month or two to get it shipped to us and that was unacceptable.  But we also knew we couldn’t just walk into a store and buy one, we would have to do our due diligence in the store.


We were torn as to where to go first between Best Buy and Frye’s Electronics but decided to go to Frye’s first because they usually have better prices. As we pulled up we could see a massive line and no parking spaces but we perservered. We drove around and around and finally went across the street to the Mall to park. But not before being cut off by a very rude driver who stole the parking space I had staked my heart on.


After finding a place and having to slide down a grassy knoll in the pitch dark and walk across an adjacent parking lot, we got into Frye’s and it was a mad house.  As we made our way to the computer section, I got really nervous: we were surrounded by a sea of people and I sensed that it could be potentially very dangerous (a not unfounded fear). With unimpressive prices we decided to get out as quickly as possible but we had to wait in a line until they let us out which was not a minute too soon for either of us. Then we went across the road to Best Buy. 


Now an hour later, we had missed the crushing crowds there so we just walked in and then waited about 20 minutes for someone to help us. The computer that had been advertised in the paper had sold out but they had another one-a limited edition in a cherry red; it reminded me of a classic car-not what we had in mind.


So we decided to go over to Office Depot and do some more checking. There we found another slightly more expensive Sony and the operating system was 1066 MHZ. We knew the one in Best Buy had been 660MHZ so I asked Christen what we had at home (You never want to get a slower one than you are used to-it will drive you nuts! )


So we decided to go home and check out our operating system. First we stopped at Staples and picked up our $20 shredder which is so cool- it even tells you when the bin is full! I was so exhausted I couldn’t think straight at that point so I took a nap.


( It turned out our system is 300MHZ so we knew whatever we got would be an improvement.)


After I woke up we tried to call another nearby Best Buy to see if they had the one we wanted but they weren’t answering so we went over to the store.  As we looked at the computers it occurred to me that Sony has too many too chose from which makes it really hard to make a decision. 


MMmmm where have you heard that before?  Never give your customers too many choices. A confused mind doesn’t  buys. But I was so determined to buy I kept going.  I got it down to two options based on price, how much memory they each had, the operating system and screen size.  One was at the price we had seen in the paper, the other was a little more. But the one in the paper had Blue Ray and the other HDTV.  My gut told me to go with the Blue Ray, it’s more popular. I didn’t want to end up with something that was like Beta when VHS won out! And pay more for it in the process! But they didn’t have any with the Blue Ray in stock. 


So the sales clerk called another store and they had 15 on paper. Of course by the time we got there they could be gone. But we got back in the car and then it got a little surreal.  The door broke and it wouldn’t close!


My husband was having a fit and wanted to go home, he was getting cranky.  I was determined to get the computer. So I sat in the back seat behind him and held the door while he drove in the slow lane.  My wrist hurt really bad but I didn’t say a word. I wasn’t going to give up now!


The sales person had told us Best Buy was just two or three miles up the road just before the freeway. WRONG! We couldn’t find it and my wrist was really getting tired so we called 411 and asked for the address. They said there was no store in that city.  Now my husband was having a double fit and saying this day was turning into a disaster.


We took a deep breath and said “What now?” We decided to call the Mercedes dealer thinking they would be closed by 5 p.m. and it was past 4 p.m. and we  probably couldn’t make it over there in time but we’d try. (We weren’t that far from them at that point.).  But the manager said they were open til 7 pm, we had time and walked us through a temporary fix for the door so it closed!


So I asked Christen if he wanted to go back to the first Best Buy and at least figure out which store we had to go to in the morning. He was hungry and tired but there is a Whole Foods right next store so he could get something to eat so he agreed.


I went to Best Buy he went to Whole Foods and we decided tp meet  in the computer section. As I approached it, there it was sitting next to the cherry red Sony-the exact computer we had decided on!  So why hadn’t I seen it earlier? It turned out they didn’t have the sales price on it so I thought it was more expensive and not on my radar.  I grabbed a sales guy and asked him what stores had it in stock.  He looked it up for me. Meanwhile I asked about the store that we couldn’t find and it turned out it was one block away from where the first guy had told us to go. Why 411 couldn’t find it I’ll never know! But it was very frustrating.


It turned out there were 3 stores with several of the computers, but before I schelped over there it occurred to me to ask if there was any possibility they might have one in the back. He said he’d look.  Minutes later he came out beaming, there was one left.


I was so relieved and ecstatic. Now I didn’t have to drive with that iffy door and Christen could get home and rest.  We bought the computer and then headed out. But since it was still early enough we decided to stop by the Mercedes dealership and find out what the car would cost to fix and how long it would take.


Not good news. We decided to wait and see if we could find a local mechanic.

And then we drove home and gave thanks that our old computer hadn’t died sooner because we wouldn’t have gotten as good a deal, that we’d passed on the cherry red one and held out for what we wanted, that we’d waited to get the shredder, and that we were safe and in one piece. It turned out to be a good day after all.


And what does this have to do with ebooks? It’s the same process for ebooks, for business and  for life. Decide what you want, focus, do your do diligence, go after it but don’t be impulsive, and preservere. When you hit roadblocks, deal with them. If it’s not working think outside the box. And don’t give up til you accomplish what you set out to do! If it’s writing an ebook go to for more information, free tips and a complimentary subscription to the eBook Profit Secrets Newsletter.


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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

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    Declutter To Make More Sales From Your Home Business!

    Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

    I work at home teaching people how to write and marketing ebooks and grow their business from the ground up for a 6-figure income and I have a confession to make. I’m terrible at keeping my house and especially my home office decluttered.  I’ll get up a head of steam get started filing and organizing and I’ll get part way through but there’s just so much of it that I’ll say to myself “I’ll finish in a couple of days.”


    Then two weeks (or more) goes by and I can’t stand it any more and I start filing and organizing again but in the meantime now there are two more weeks worth of new clutter (or more) piled onto the old clutter!


    And what is really frustrating is that when my living space is cluttered it stops the flow of things and my life gets more chaotic! Sometimes sales even slow down.  But as soon as I clear it out, things pick up and the world comes back into focus! I believe in having good feng shui!


    I confess, I’ve even hired an organizer to come to my house and help me and my husband declutter. But guess what?  It worked for about two weeks and then it went right back to being a cluttered mess!


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    eBook Marketing: 9 Lessons From A Winning Presidential Campaign

    Friday, November 7th, 2008

    Now that the presidential race is over, the pundits are analyzing the Obama campaign and how they pulled off a resounding win over McCain. Now this is not to say that McCain and a failed Bush presidency didn’t contribute to McCain’s loss but that does not take away from the Obama campaign’s performance. 

    So here’s what the pundits came up with and how you can implement these same lessons into your ebook/information product marketing for stellar results

    The winning formula included: following your dream, the right message, focus, discipline, strategy,  an inspiring candidacy,  thinking outside the box, learning from your mistakes, and never giving up.

    So let’s look at these elements.

    Follow Your Dream: Hiliary Clinton was the odds-on favorite to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. But Barack Obama thought that he would be a better president and he could unite the country in a  way that Clinton couldn’t. Never mind that we had never had an African-American president, and that is was just 40 years since people of color were literally dying trying to get equal rights!  I know I never thought I would see an African-American president in my lifetime.  But Obama followed his dream and as they say: the rest is history.

    The Right Message: They had their finger on the national pulse and believed that people wanted change and that it could be achieved and they never changed that message. They also believed people were tired of the “divide and conquer” Karl-Rove politics so they stayed away from gratuitous name calling and they stayed true to their message in their advertising.

    Lesson: When you put your finger on the pulse of your customers and what they want and stay true to your brand you make more sales and create more loyal customers.

    Focus. They knew what they wanted to achieve, they stayed focus and kept their eye on the ball.

    Lesson: When you know what you want as an ebook/information marketer and focus on it and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by get-rich quick offers and opportunites that are not in alignment with your goals, you can achieve great things.

    Discipline and planning. They worked day in and day out and they didn’t let themselves be taken off message by outside forces. They also looked ahead and planned every move meticulously. And they responded quickly to anything and everything that was designed to divert their focus.

    Lesson: When you know what you want, you keep the end in mind, you work backwards, and you plan how to get there; you don’t allow yourself to get distracted and work toward your goals on a steady basis and that’s when you will see positive results.

    Strategy: They looked at the races in 2000 and 2004 and saw that they needed a different strategy if they were going to win. And they decided it would be a 50-state strategy instead of just going for traditionally blue states and then winning a few battleground states. They also decided that they could win by appealing to new voters; they could get more people involved in the process.  And they used new technology (the Internet) to reach them. 

     They didn’t have to convince people who didn’t want what they were offering to want it, instead they found new voters who were excited about their message and in the process created a new paradigm for raising money and engaging “the people” in presidential campaigns!

    Lesson: You need a strategy to get where you are going. And that strategy should include finding ways to reach people who will be excited about what you have to offer, not trying to convince people who don’t want what you have to want it! And if you can create a paradigm shift in the process even better because then you will be “THE” guy or gal who dominates your niche!

    An inspiring candidacy: Obama didn’t just deliver his message, he did it with great enthusiasm, poise and steadiness.

    Lesson: Passion and enthusiasm are infectious while steadiness is respected and gives people confidence in you and your products and services. They draw people to you and excite them about you and your products and services.  In fact, there’s a book I always recommend to my clients called How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling by Frank Bettger- a very inspiring true story about a guy who couldn’t sell his way out of a paper bag until he learned how to cultivate these qualities and became a top

    Thinking Outside The Box: In devising their strategy, the campaign didn’t do what had always been done, they took a fresh approach. 

    Lesson: If you only do what other’s have done before you, it’s hard to break through all the noise. If you can come up with a new way of doing something or delivering it or a new strategy, it could just be the thing that puts you over the top!

    That’s why I created the Quick-Start 3-Day eBook Authoring Workshop ( because I was frustrated trying to write an ebook and it was taking too long! I wanted a process that I could depend on that would create real results in a short amount of time. And I knew if I was a writer and I was having a hard time writing one, I couldn’t imagine what other’s were going through. Its a new and revolutionary delivery system and it works!

    Learn From Your Mistakes: After Obama’s win in Iowa, he didn’t push as hard in New Hampshire and lost to Clinton.  So when the polls said Obama was poised to take the presidency he warned his supporters and workers not to let up right to the end which turned out to be a winning move.

    Lesson: The definition of insanty is doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results. When something doesn’t work learn from it and move on!

    Never Give Up: When Clinton started winning all the big states Obama could have folded but he didn’t. He kept his focus, he used his discipline, he stayed true to his vision and kept on trucking!

    Lesson: Follow your dream, create a winning message, focus, stay disciplined, come up with a smart strategy, strive to inspire people,  think outside the box, learn from your mistakes, and NEVER GIVE UP! Continue to grow your list, create new relationships, products and services and just keep going for it!

    If you’d like to share you thoughts about this post please feel free to comment below.

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    New Blog!

    Monday, November 3rd, 2008

    When my main site went down recently, I lost my blog. Big lesson! I didn’t understand that backing up your files and backing up your site are 2 different things. We have a sophisticated back-up system that I thought backed up everything! (I never said I was great with technology!) I’ll be talking more about this in my next newsletter. But in the meantime,  find out if your site(s) and blog are backed up and if they aren’t make sure you find out how to do it yourself!